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The Business of People: Leadership for the Changing World





Love your book Madeleine    THANK YOU!

I feel I can pick it up, open up to any page and learn or be reminded of strategies for improved relationships and ultimately a better world xxxxx

Resource teacher for Learning and Development

– Sally B.

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The Business of People: Leadership for changing the world

Parent Education

Parenting Road Code – Testimonials

Love your book Madeleine – THANK YOU!

I feel I can pick it up, open up to any page and learn or be reminded of strategies for improved relationships and ultimately a better world xxxx

We are proud and I knew you would be too!

August 2021

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Parenting Road Code and Parenting Support Workbook

Parent Education

Parent Education

“The Too Much workshops have been so useful. With ease I was able to improve my own parenting with the new insights into nurturing and resilience. I have steadily made successful steps towards greater harmony in our house. I share this knowledge with work colleagues and friends.” 2017

“Madeleine’s workshops are very interactive and informative. She is very collaborative and flexible by allowing “real life” examples to play out which meant you could easily apply the information to your own context…I enjoyed learning some new language to help my children when they are dealing with their own anxiety. I feel I’m better equipped to help them thanks to Madeleine’s workshop.” June 2018

It works!!!  Sharing this text from my young adult son when his request for cash was declined – ‘Okay thanks anyway dad I’m responsible for my achievements AND my mistakes thanks for not bailing me out I’ll find a way through xx love ya’ – proud dad moment, cheers.” – Sept 2018 

Raising Resilient Children

Parent Education

Group Skills Retreat 2018


“The residential workshop functioned to stimulate me to consider my awareness of these components on micro and macro levels. The clear structure and boundaries you set. The boundedness of the home-like environment. The freedom to choose within boundaries, effectively. The information and tools you shared with us from HMITM – and the opportunities to present and teach and share, both within this framework and from our own experience.”  Participant 2020

The lasting impact for me is to see the joy in a commitment to raising Resilient Children. Your training provides an understanding of a growing problem which impacts in so many ways, relationships in families, communities, business and educational organisations and that given the right tool kit and commitment to change, how this can be easily turned around and in turn the benefits of which are like the ripples in a pond, they reach out and touch many lives for the greater good. Your work is essential for the age we live in. I hope your message is blasted out to the whole country so that we can become a Resilient Nation – Janine 2022

Group Skills Retreat 

Group Skills retreat

Negotiation Training


Thank you so much for agreeing to supervise me (pro bono) all those years ago. 

In this season of my life you have not only planted seeds of hope, self-belief, courage and clarity of purpose but you have also watered them with resources, opportunities, warmth, generosity and space to grow.

Thank you for believing in me as a Social Worker to be able to grow to the point where I am now in the privileged position of supporting others in their journeys.



December 2020

Professional Supervision


“I found Madeleine’s coaching style incredibly helpful; it was highly practical, never intrusive and helped to clarify issues which previously felt murky. Best of all, she helped me to trust myself. “
– Corporate Coaching Client 2019

Leadership Coaching

“Thank you again for the insightful and informative workshop you facilitated on Wednesday, 16 December in Wellington. You have given me the strategy, tools and tips on how to manage investigations, disciplinaries and mediations in a different approach/manner i.e. 3 Key skills of asking questions and being assertive without hurting one’s feelings. Thank you!”

Vilo Ole

Difficult Conversations Workshop December 2020

Tena Koe Madeleine,

Thank you for the wonderful session yesterday. Your facilitation was so empowering.
I loved the techniques that you shared. I found them very valuable and am definitely going to use them.

Nga mihi,
Prabha Raman
Employee Relations Advisor

Difficult Conversations Workshop December 2020


Leadership Coaching

Facilitation and Conflict Resolution

“Madeleine has undertaken a variety of work for Stratos including supporting people after a critical incident, conflict resolution, and designing and conducting workshops to help participants cope with stress and build their resilience. She is very skilled at meeting the the needs of both individuals and groups, while at the same time helping them to adapt to change.”

Warwick Harvey
Managing Director, Stratos Limited

See Stratos

Facilitation and conflict resolution

Professional Supervision

“Strange times indeed. Just wanted to thank you for your support over the last year. Your knowledge and experience has been amazing. I had never really liked supervision prior to undertaking it with you and always thought it was a bit pointless. However, you have definitely changed my mind in relation to the importance and usefulness of it. So thanks….” Supervisee leaving for health reasons. March 2020.
“I would like to thank you for opening my eyes to new stages of opportunity and strength. I will forever be grateful for your guidance and kindness. You have been an exemplary and visionary external supervisor. You are truly a great inspiration for me.” Feedback from a supervisee who has moved cities. October 2018.

“I have worked with Madeleine for nearly a year now and she continues to provide me with an outside perspective enabling me to be considerably more effective in my role as Chief Executive. In particular her honest and constructive feedback with respect to how I deliver messages to staff and external stakeholders helps me to communicate in a way that respects others points of view, while at the same time not compromising my own messages. Also particularly helpful is the assistance Madeleine gives with respect to making decisions. Her supervision has enabled me to understand the complexity of decision making in the context of my own organisation and to clarify the process. The outcome for me has been a better understanding of the reasons for particular decisions and therefore greater confidence in my decision making. I have also benefited greatly from recommended resources and suggested contacts provided by Madeleine”. Sept 2013

Professional Supervision

Professional Supervision


“We have contracted Madeleine Taylor to facilitate workshops for our member organisations and staff for over 8 years now. Madeleine has always been very professional to work with and accommodating in tailoring the training to meet our requirements. Madeleine has excellent communication skills and understanding of how people learn. She works collaboratively with the training participants in devising the learning process and negotiating the outcomes. She has the ability to adapt her facilitation style on the spot to meet the needs of the workshop participants. Madeleine is very effective at managing training participants behaviour that could potentially have a negative impact on others learning.

The majority of feedback of the training that Madeleine has delivered to our members has been excellent. They are particularly grateful for the practical tools they can take away and use immediately in their work place.

We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Madeleine as a trainer/facilitator.”

Manager Member Services

Local NGO organisation




Thank you Madeleine for the recent workshop you facilitated for the Open Polytechnic Customer Services team.  It was really interactive, thought provoking, engaging and fun.  We all enjoyed it.

Kind regards

Susi Cooper-Faye
Team Leader, Student Journey Centre, November 2020

“Hi Madeleine, I can’t thank you enough for a great learning day yesterday. I felt completely safe and able to try things out and reflect on what I saw/heard and build some confidence to take that out into my ‘real’ world”

Participant at Facilitation Skills Workshop, July 2021



Listen to Janine Wallace, a participant at the ‘Raising Resilient Children Retreat’ talking with Madeleine about her work here:


‘The course provided a respectful, safe place to be authentic and vulnerable and that gave me the impetus to be curious and open to new, or challenging ideas, resulting in an opportunity for change. I appreciated every person who was a participant in the retreat, as they contributed effective insights and opinions. It was valuable input, indeed. At the end of the retreat it was suggested that we implement a daily action, to keep us effectively connected with what we had learned. Every morning I start the day with a reflexion on being authentic, instead of falling back into dysfunctional behaviour, when a stressful situation occurs. It has been a valuable tool. I appreciate, so much, being a participant in this retreat’.                      Carolyn Maroulis – participant at Raising Resilient Children Retreat

Raising Resilient Children 2021

‘Madeleine has an excellent teaching style and a sound grasp of everyday negotiating. This is an essential 101 for professionals;
clear, concise, well structured’ from participant in 2021

‘It was amazing! Madeleine’s whakaaro & knowledge is so in depth and applicable to real life. A privilege to learn & be in the course. Led with respect and mana.’

“It was helpful to understand how I negotiate every day when I thought I had little to no negotiation experience. Understanding my starting point made it easier to identify areas of improvement.”

“Fantastic course! Madeleine is a great facilitator and really passionate about helping people be the best they can be.”

Participants at Negotiation Skills Workshop 2022

Negotiation Skills Essential

Bridget Watson talking about the Difficult Conversations Workshop Sept 2021